On March 5th the Mission Team to Honduras will be having a Smoked Pork Dinner sale to raise needed funds for our mission trip beginning March 25th. Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwiches will be $5, Smoked Pork Plates, which will include Pulled Smoke Pork, Baked Beans and Slaw will be $8 and whole smoked Pork Butts will be $30. We will be taking orders in advance for plates and whole butts.

We will be located at Rodney's Automotive in the heart of Downtown Weaverville. That is straight across from Shope's Furniture Store and Well Bred Bakery. We will begin serving at 11:00AM.

You can text or call your advance orders to Toby Anderson at (828) 231-9012 or to David Fisher at (828) 777-5654 or to Rick Harper at (828) 230-4491.

Orders that are $30 or more can be delivered to folks within a 5 mile radius of Downtown Weaverville.Type your paragraph here.